Get Support

How to get support for Thunderbird.

Mozilla Support Website

The best place to start looking for answers if you have questions about Thunderbird is the Mozilla Support website, specifically the Thunderbird page. There you can search for articles, ask questions, and read tutorials.

Ask a Question

You can ask a question on the support website. Remember to be courteous, as most of the people providing support on this site are volunteers and fellow Thunderbird users like you!

Live Chat on IRC

You can chat with other users and members of the Thunderbird team on the #thunderbird channel on Mozilla’s IRC. You can set up IRC in Thunderbird by following the instructions on SUMO.

Press Inquiries

Information on how members of the press to reach out to us.

Are you a member of the press who would like to ask us a question about Thunderbird? You can reach our team at


Partner with the Thunderbird Project.

Are you interested in partnering with the Thunderbird project? Do you provide services that could improve the experience of using Thunderbird? Do you deploy Thunderbird at scale and want to provide a better experience for your users? Please Email us at


For developers who would like to report security issues.

To report a security issue related to Thunderbird, please register an account at Bugzilla, and describe the issue in a new Thunderbird bug report. If you select the Security checkmark before you submit, then only members of our security team will have access to your report. Bugzilla is also our preferred medium for coordinating the disclosure of security incidents and for discussing embargo dates. If you don't get a timely response in Bugzilla, please contact us at and mention the respective bug numbers. Encrypted email can be arranged on demand.